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Dear Youth, This Summer Let Us Sail


Summer springs, — an osprey dive,

dead-aimed, stream-lined, heated high –

at least for those beyond the shores,

whose youth sprang many years before.

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“Mama Tried” by Emily Flake. Book Review, “City Paper”

In ‘Mama Tried,’ Emily Flake embraces the foibles of parenting
Michele McFarland
For many years, our three offspring requested an addition to the family clan, a fourth child to love (or so they claimed. It’s possible that they only craved equality: even sides for dinner arguments and rounds of Mario Kart.). While my husband and I did not relent, we marveled at their worrisome lack of judgment. Didn’t they know how hideously incompetent we were as parents? Didn’t they understand that they thrived only because of well-placed bubble wrap and the sageness of their sanctified teachers?

Now, neurotic parents like us can turn to the latest book from cartoonist and writer Emily Flake for a little comfort. Flake embraces the inevitable insecurities of bringing up Continue reading